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  • Документ
    Комплексний алгоритм функціонування систем радіоакустичного зондування атмосфери
    (ХНУРЕ, 2023) Карташов, О. В.
    The article presents a synthesis of the structural diagram of a promising radioacoustic measuring complex and a complex algorithm of its functioning. It is shown that the development process of RAVC can be reduced to the development of the following independent issues: synthesis (selection) of types of sounding radio and acoustic signals, their energy parameters, synthesis of spatial and temporal signal processing algorithms for optimal selection of useful information from signals received against a background of noise, development of complex management algorithms and complex adaptation to external conditions formed by the external environment, as well as development of technical means intended for the implementation of the specified algorithms.
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    Технічні аспекти створення інструменталу для неліцензійного дубляжу мультфільмів та сінематиків
    (ХНУРЕ, 2023) Чернов, М. М.
    The process of creating an instrumental for unlicensed dubbing consists of three main stages: cleaning, sound design and mixing. At the moment, there is no detailed information about all stages of production. Often, descriptions contain a lot of subjective information with a complete lack of technical data.
  • Документ
    Програмні засоби використання track points у відео
    (ХНУРЕ, 2023) Печенов, М. А.
    In this paper, the role of tracking technology in the modern world, in particular in the field of cinematography, was analyzed, various tracking algorithms were considered, the use of various types of color difference markers was tested, and methodological recommendations were developed on the use of various tracking algorithms for narrowly focused tasks.
  • Документ
    Створення 3D-моделей для застосування в мультимедіа
    (ХНУРЕ, 2023) Гаєвий, М. С.; Рогинський, С. В.
    The modern media industry cannot be imagined without the integration of 3D models. Almost all films, cartoons, computer games, advertisements and other media fields use various 3D graphic models. This allows you to create a more realistic picture, and at the same time, the use of three-dimensional graphics allows you to significantly reduce the overall financial costs, but re quires large computing power. 3D modeling is the process of creating a three dimensional model of an object. The task of 3D modeling is to develop a visual three-dimensional image of the desired object. At the same time, the model can both correspond to the real dimensions of the object (cars, buildings, hurricane, asteroid) and be completely abstract (projection of four-dimensional fractals).
  • Документ
    Пасивні методи визначення місцезнаходження БПЛА з акустичного випромінювання
    (ХНУРЕ, 2023) Красношапка, Т. Ю.
    Methods for direction finding of unmanned aerial vehicles in radar and acoustic systems designed to detect and measure the coordinates of aircraft are considered. The advantages and disadvantages of the main types of methods are analyzed. Direction-finding methods implemented using antenna arrays are considered. It is shown that modern methods and algorithms with superresolution, implemented using adaptive antenna arrays, allow solving the problem of determining the coordinates of several sources separated by a sufficiently small angular distance.