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    Оптимізація за допомогою вейвлет-фильтрації
    (ХНУРЕ, 2019) Мироненко, Е. О.
    The paper considers the optimization of waveletfiltration algorithms with two-parameter threshold functions. Optimization of wavelet-filtering algorithms is performed in two directions: a) optimization by choosing the best threshold function from the functions used in practice; b) optimization by estimating the optimal parameters of the best threshold function.
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    Баллистика стрельбы
    (ХНУРЕ, 2019) Янченко, О. О.
    Ballistics in the game is carried out by two productions: 1) visual; 2) mechanical. When creating a shooting in a visual way, objects are used (for example, a sphere). In this case, standard physics shoots Unity3D, which does not allow fast because of speed, and flies through various other objects about high speeds. Because of this problem, developers use the second method. The way out of this situation, the proposed script with which the shooting becomes more realistic. This script should answer the following questions: How is the shooting? Is there a collision? How is the calculation of the damage coefficient
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    Оптимізація алгоритму створення динамічного шляху з розрахунком базової архітектури ігрового простору
    (ХНУРЕ, 2019) Грінько, К. О.
    Augmented reality (AR) is an interactive experience of a real-world environment where the objects that reside in the real-world are "augmented" by computer-generated perceptual information, sometimes across multiple sensory modalities, including visual, auditory, haptic, somatosensory, and olfactory. The given work is devoted to the modern developments in the field of game development regarding path finding in dynamically shaped Augmented Reality space at runtime using Unity Engine with ARCore
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    Візуалізація хімічних реакцій за допомогою технології augmented reality
    (ХНУРЕ, 2019) Косик, Д. О.
    In this work, the problem of the provision of Ukrainian schools with materials necessary for conducting experiments in such fields as physics and chemistry is considered. The work is aimed at solving the above problem in more detail, giving examples of ready-made solutions and offering its own way of solving the problems. To evaluate and analyze the pros and cons of these solutions, as well as justify the benefits of the proposed method.
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    Дослідження засобів і технологій доповненої реальності в мультимедійних засобах навчання на мобільній платформі ios
    (ХНУРЕ, 2019) Гончаров, О. В.
    AR is a quickly evolving technology. Tech giants are working quite hard in order to enhance the development frameworks. With Apple’s ARKit introduction, developers now have the access to some effective tools to create AR apps. Now, it is apparent that AR has a high volume for growth. The examples of AR are prevalent in gaming, marketing, movies, travel, education, etc. This technology gives enough opportunities for existing and new businesses. Seeing its rise in the market, it’s easy to see its advantages in the education sphere. Integrating the AR content book strategy with inquiry-based learning systems will give us a proactive and social experience. Eventually, the subjects can be connected to students’ lives and make them more engaged in education.