QR Code as an Element of Educational Activity

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Educational activity is one of the directions, which in its development uses various advanced technologies. This makes it possible to increase the attractiveness of the learning process, various professions, attract potential applicants, and develop the necessary skills of students. Advanced technologies also make it possible to improve the learning process, to present the material being studied in a new way. Among such new technologies, the use of QR codes in educational activities should be noted. Based on this, the paper considers: types of codes, levels of error correction in QR codes, the main directions for using QR codes. Th e paper also provides some examples of QR codes in the form of separate figures. This allows you to better understand the material presented.


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QR code, 2D symbolism

Бібліографічний опис

Deineko Zh., Kraievska N., Lyashenko V. QR Code as an Element of Educational Activity // International Journal of Academic Information Systems Research (IJAISR). – 2022. – Vol. 6(4). – pp. 26-31.