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  • Документ
    Використання стеганографії для збереження та передачі інформації
    (ХНУРЕ, 2023) Капуста, Р. Д.; Горяінова, К. О.
    This work is dedicated to the study of the method of increasing the security of data storage and transmission by using a tool for steganographic file modification. The rapid development of information storage and transmission technologies entails a certain list of challenges related to the security of users' personal data. However, a potential thief can also use steganography to hide and transfer harmful software code, leading to undesirable consequences.
  • Документ
    End-to-End Network Resilience, Security, and QoS in SD-WAN
    (Сумський державний університет, 2023) Nedostup, D.; Solomianyi, M.; Mamon, R.
    The application of Software-Defined Wide-Area Networks (SDWANs) as a virtualized solution for managing enterprise networks located on top of corporate wide-area networks is analyzed. This is due to the need for effective network traffic management to achieve maximum performance of the infocommunication network while simultaneously ensuring the required level of resilience and security.
  • Документ
    Development of a Threat Model when Ensuring Information Security in Messengers Based on Privacy and Anonymity
    (Сумський державний університет, 2023) Maiba, M.
    Existing issues with organizing the protection of modern messengers have been analyzed, and the following key questions regarding the risk of threats have been identified. Firstly, there is the issue of data leaks through access by a malicious actor to confidential information from the messenger in case of message interception, access to messages, data extraction from the cloud, successful authentication, etc. Secondly, there is the location disclosure, for example, when activating the current location exchange function. Also, if the messenger allows revealing the mobile phone number, a malicious actor can create a daily schedule of the subscriber's presence in a specific location. Thirdly, there is code vulnerability and compromised software.
  • Документ
    Enhancing the Security of Critical Infrastructure Powered by SCADA
    (Сумський державний університет, 2023) Kashaija Joel
    Building cyber resilience for critical infrastructure (CI) running on SCADA is a complex and multifaceted process that requires careful planning, deployment, and maintenance. The threat landscape has evolved significantly recently, with cyber-attacks becoming more frequent, sophisticated, and damaging. Organizations must take a holistic approach encompassing various measures to protect SCADA systems from these threats effectively.
  • Документ
    Enhanced EIGRP Application in Software-Defined Networking
    (Сумський державний університет, 2023) Horiainova. K.; Kapusta, R.
    The peculiarities of the EIGRP (Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol) dynamic routing protocol are studied, its advantages and disadvantages are determined, and the possibilities of improvement and use in Software-Defined Networking are defined. EIGRP is a hybrid Cisco proprietary protocol that supports multiple network layer protocols (e.g., IPv4, IPv6). Besides, EIGRP uses various components to calculate the complex metric to select the best path from source to destination. Namely, it considers bandwidth, delay, reliability, load, and Maximum Transmission Unit.