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    Оптичний запис та обробка інформації: технології та використання
    (ХНУРЕ, 2023) Дрогіна, О. Л.
    This work is devoted to the investigation of the physical foundations of optical recording and information processing. The history of the creation of optical recording and information processing technology is presented. The foundation of the optical recording of information is studied. The most important parameters of the optical recording medium are highlighted. A number of environments of different classes that allow performing reversible optical recording are given. The functional scheme of recording and processing optical information in the most general form is given. Modem technologies of optical recording are studied.
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    Технологія APC в супутниках Starlink
    (ХНУРЕ, 2023) Артюх, B. C.
    The Adaptive Phase Correction (APC) technology used in the Starlink satellite internet system is shown. How APC uses artificial intelligence algorithms to automatically adjust the phase synchronization between the satellite and the terminal is considered. The importance of a fast and reliable Internet connection and how APC helps to achieve this are presented.
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    Застосування фрактального аналізу в медичній фізиці: вивчення структури тканин, діагностика хвороб та аналіз сигналів
    (ХНУРЕ, 2023) Косовцов, Д. І.
    This science work delves into the applications of fractal analysis in medical physics, with an emphasis on tissue structure analysis, disease diagnosis, and signal analysis. This work aims to demonstrate the effectiveness of fractal analysis in understanding the complex nature of biological systems and its potential to revolutionize the field of medical diagnostics and patient monitoring. The study examines tissue samples and explores the identification of pathological changes by analyzing their fractal dimensions; fractal analysis techniques to medical signals, such as electrocardiograms. This approach aids in detecting irregular patterns and anomalies, providing a deeper understanding of the physiological processes associated with various medical conditions
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    Плазмонний нанолазер: фізичні принципи роботи та галузі використання
    (ХНУРЕ, 2023) Логінова, А. О.
    In recent years, a lot of research has focused on the development of new ultra-small lasers. The greatest progress has been made in the development of semiconductor lasers. A fundamentally new approach in miniaturization of lasers is the use of plasmonic fields instead of photonic fields. In contrast to photonic fields, plasmonic fields allow localization of light in sizes smaller than the diffraction limit of radiation, which in turn allows overcoming the diffraction limitation of reducing the laser dimensions down to several nanometers. The work discusses the basic physical principles of laser radiation generation using plasmonic fields, discusses the structure and characteristics of several types of plasmonic nanolasers, as well as their possible applications
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    The role of artificial intelligence in the production processes of radio electronic devices
    (ХНУРЕ, 2023) Виноградська, В. Г.
    The production of radio electronic devices is a complex process that involves several physical processes that must be optimized to ensure efficient and reliable device performance. In recent years, artificial intelligence (AI) has emerged as a powerful tool in optimizing these processes. By utilizing AI algorithms, designers and manufacturers can simulate, analyze, and optimize different aspects of device design and production, including electromagnetic simulations, quantum mechanics, statistical analysis, thermal management, and material selection. This article will explore the role of AI in the production processes of radio electronic devices and its impact on the industry