Ensuring convergence in next-generation wireless networks

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Presented сconvergence between 5G and Wi-Fi, wich is happening not only at the technical level, but this convergence is driving all telco industries to the more challenging convergence of IT and Telecom toward integrated Information & Communication Technology (ICT). The analysis showed that traditional voice and data services have prevailed over the past two decades, but now they have reached their ceiling and more vertical services are needed to grow the business. Wi-Fi 6 will not only deliver higher speeds and capacity, but it will enable new business models and use cases independently and also in convergence with Mobile 5G Technology, which is not limited to voice and data offload only but spanning over IT/IoT Convergence.


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Ensuring convergence, wireless networks

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Ensuring convergence in next-generation wireless networks / S. А. Saburova, М. М. Kukharchuk, О. I. Kadatskaja, Al Masri Omar Mohammad // Матеріали сьомої Міжнародної науково-технічної конференції «Проблеми електромагнітної сумісності перспективних безпроводових мереж зв’язку (EМС-2021)». Харків, ХНУРЕ, 2021, с. 68-72.