Strategies of Interaction with a Consumer Within the Marketing Product Policy

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Entrepreneurship and sustainability issues

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A matrix of strategies for interaction with a consumer in the Internet is developed based on the use of two-vector coordinate system: the degree of consumer readiness to purchase and the communication environment. The means of promotion has been analyzed in accordance with the strategy of interaction with the consumer in the Internet. The KPI system for the communication activity of the enterprise in the Internet was proposed on the basis of crowd-technologies. The built matrix of areas of correction of the communication policy allows the company to determine the further direction of correction of communications for each level of communication influence.


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marketing product policy, strategy, communication policy, consumer, crowd-technologies

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Stoian O., Polozova T., Didenko E., Storozhenko O., Moskvichova O. Strategies of interaction with a consumer within the marketing product policy // Entrepreneurship and sustainability issues. – 2018. – № 6 (2). – С. 1018-1027.