Control Overload M2M Communication in LTE Networks

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Мадi Рабiх Луай Мунтаха
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The goal of the work is to control network overload based on modeling methods of generating machine-to-machine traffic. The paper considers the segment of devices of the Internet of Things, which is actively developing, which are all kinds of sensors and exchange information automatically. For M2M traffic, when a large number of sensors of different network elements are instantly triggered, congestion may occur. In the work, areas of congestion in the applications of the M2M LTE network were found. The paper considers load control that occurs at different nodes of the LTE network. load management in the core network part, namely MME. Congestion metrics have been established that analytically assess MTC traffic congestion. A probabilistic strategy for traffic transmission from each base station connected to several MME nodes and an overload threshold are used. A model of an algorithm for managing the distribution of M2M traffic using the QS theory has also been developed. For a network model that serves machine-to-machine traffic, the probabilities of rejection and overload are calculated. The evaluation of the result confirms the need to apply the M2M traffic distribution management algorithm model. The process of simulation modeling of load metrics in Matlab Simulink environment is considered.
Ключові слова
М2М, traffic, qs theory, mme, overload, network
Мадi Рабiх Луай Мунтаха Контроль перевантаження M2M зв'язку в LTE мережах (Control Overload M2M Communication in LTE Networks) : пояснювальна записка до атестаційної роботи здобувача вищої освіти на другому (магістерському) рівні, спеціальність 172 Телекомунікації та радіотехніка / Мадi Рабiх Луай Мунтаха ; М-во освіти і науки України, Харків. нац. ун-т радіоелектроніки. – Харків, 2022. – 81 с.