A Diagnostic Model for Detecting Functional Violation in HDL-Code of System-on-Chip

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The problem of synthesis or analysis of the components of any system can be formulated by the interaction of its model with input patterns and reactions in a space. This is similar to determining the symmetric difference of the three components – model, test patterns and reaction of the model when the test pattern is applied to it. The distance or relationship between two or more objects in a space can be determined by the well known Cartesian or polar coordinate systems. In case of Boolean variables the Hamming distance has been used to determine how close or far apart are two binary variables of any length. Using Hamming distance results in cardinality or a number; but the beta metric proposed in this paper gives a broader view of how two or more binary variables of any length relates to each other in a cyberspace. And Hamming distance is only a particular case of beta metric. In this paper we define cyberspace as a set of interacting information processes and phenomena which conforms to a predefined metric using computer systems and networks as a vehicle. This paper is organised as follows: In section 2 we discuss the beta metric used in defining the relationship between objects in a space. The analysis of interactive graph of components of technical diagnostics is presented in section 3 followed by a model to search for functional violation in HDLcode in section 4.


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diagnostic model, detecting functional violation, HDL-code of system-on-chip

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Ngene Christopher Umerah A Diagnostic Model for Detecting Functional Violation in HDL-Code of System-on-Chip/Ngene Christopher Umerah, Vladimir Hahanov //Proceedings of IEEE East-West Design & Test Symposium (EWDTS’2011)