A Small-Scale Manipulation Robot a Laboratory Layout Development

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This article is devoted to the control system development for a mobile manipulation robot with a computer vision system. A feature of this study is the development of a decentralized control system based on microcontroller modules with the possibility of remote control using wireless networks. During the design, the authors developed a generalized block diagram of the manipulation robot and analyzed and selected hardware modules for imple-menting the control system. For the implementation of the laboratory layout of a mobile manipulation robot, the restrictions that are imposed on the control system were selected and justified. Based on these restrictions, it was proposed to use the following hardware modules: ESP32-Cam - for computer vision system implementation and ESP32 Devkitc v4 for motion control system implementation 2WD robotic platform and control system for the manipulator itself. Based on the selected hardware modules, a block diagram of the information interaction of the main modules of a mobile manipulation robot and an electrical circuit diagram are proposed, an experimental model of a small-sized manipulation robot is assembled to test the control system. A generalized control algorithm for a mobile manipulation robot has been developed based on the "client-server" architecture approach using "thin client" technologies, which makes it possible to use any mobile device that supports hardware connection to Wi-FI and any Web browser


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mobile robots, mobile manipulation robots, control systems, computer vision system, decentral-ized control system, laboratory layout

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A Small-Scale Manipulation Robot a Laboratory Layout Development / Yevsieiev V., Starodubcev N., Maksymova S., Stetsenko K. // International independent scientific journal, №47, P.18-28.