Coding Tangible Component of Transforms to Provide Accessibility and Integrity of Video Data

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Renders a decision upon further development of compression technologies for transformed images in component representation. Demonstrates description model for transforms tangible components on the basis of positional numbers with unequal adjacent elements. Outlines the basic steps of positional coding to reduce total costs associated with representation of transforms tangible components. To this effect, a system of coding expressions to compress video data accuracy and integrity lossless is developed. Problem Statement and literature analysis. The development of modern society has a peculiar feature – dependence on the increased consumption of video data. Thus demanding to provide appropriate requirements for reliability, availability, and integrity of the video data. One of the crucial points when meeting these requirements is video data source coding [1 - 3]. This proves the timely character of relevant scientific and applied research in the field of digital image compression. The analysis of compression systems has shown that the most effective process is provided for pre-transformed images [3 - 5]. However, elimination of redundancy in transforms is carried out mainly by taking into account psycho-visual and statistical laws. As a result, there is a limited level of compression and a sharp drop in reliability of decoded video data. Thus, the objective of the research is to develop the method for coding segment image transforms that will provide increase in availability and integrity of video data for a given level of reliability.


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Analog Mixed-Signal and RF Test, Built-In Self Test, Debug and Diagnosis, Design for Testability

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V. V. Barannik Coding Tangible Component of Transforms to Provide Accessibility and Integrity of Video Data / V. V. Barannik, А. V. Hahanova, V. N. Krivonos //Proceedings of IEEE East-West Design & Test Symposium (EWDTS’2012)