Implementation practices of the Rugby-5 into the physical education of schoolchildren 12-13 years old using information technology

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Tserkovna, O.
Ashanin, V.
Filenko, L.
Pasko, V.
Filenko, I.
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Journal of Pharmaceutical, Biological and Chemical Sciences
Purpose: to study the influence of rugby-5 sessions on the functional and physical capabilities of the body of pupils of 12-13 years taking into account the information technologies of instruction. Research materials: study involved schoolchildren 12-13 years old (n=62). Results: Rugby-5 was introduced in lessons of physical training; computer training program was used for theoretical training in Rugby-5, the development is designed to improve the level of the functional state of the body of school children. Conclusions: proved the effectiveness of introducing Rugby-5; the level of physical development and physical readiness in pupils of 12- 13 years did not have significant differences (p>0,05), the functional state of the organism had positive changes (p<0,01); factor analysis identified two groups of factors that contributed to improving the performance of the cardiovascular system of the organism.
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physical culture, Rugby-5, schoolchildren, physical development, computer program, functional state
Introduction Of The Physical Game Rugby-5 Into The Physical Education Of Students By Means Of Information Technology / L. Filenko, V. Ashanin, V. Pasko, I. Filenko // Journal of Pharmaceutical, Biological and Chemical Sciences.-2018.- Vol.9 (3),P. 1293-1302