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Title: Photonic crystals resonance structure for optical biosensors
Authors: Zaiets, T. M.
Maksymenko, D. A.
Odarenko, E. N.
Keywords: photonic crystal
photonic crystal cavity
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: "Nauka i Studia", Przemysl
Citation: Zaiets T. M. Photonic crystals resonance structure for optical biosensors / T. M. Zaiets, D. A. Maksymenko, E. N. Odarenko // Materiały Międzynarodowej Naukowi-Praktycznej Konferencji «Naukowa przestrzeń Europy- 2017» . - Vol. 12. 07 -15 kwietnia 2017. - Przemysl, Polska. - P. 38-41.
Abstract: In this work we consider the dispersion characteristics of biosensors based on usage of photonic crystal resonators. The photonic crystals kind called a holes-on-dielectric structure is presented. This type is chosen due to several factors, including easiness of fabricating and coupling with single mode optical waveguides.
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