Нелинейная многомерная теория релятивистского генератора дифракционного излучения

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Одаренко, Е. Н.
Шматько, А. А.
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Издательство "Радиотехника"
The multidimensional nonlinear non-stationary equations self-consistent set of the O-type relativistic resonance generator is obtained. The equations set allows to investigate the beam-wave interaction and to obtain output characteristics of the generator at the arbitrary focusing magnetic field space configuration and arbitrary amplitude distribution of the high-frequency oscillatory system field. The operating characteristics of the diffraction radiation relativistic generator at an initial stage of generation and in steady-state mode such as starting current, efficiency, frequency pushing are researched. The effect of the magnetic focusing field, local magnetic discontinuity and relativistic mass-factor on these characteristics has been considered. The analysis of nonlinear modes of the steady-state oscillations for a case of weak and strong magnetic focusing fields is carried out.
Ключові слова
генератор дифракционного излучения, нелинейная теория, релятивистский прибор, многомерная модель
Одаренко Е. Н. Нелинейная многомерная теория релятивистского генератора дифракционного излучения / Е. Н. Одаренко, А. А. Шматько // Успехи современной радиоэлектроники. – 2007. - № 10. – С. 5-22.