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Title: Common methodology of data analysis of natural disasters
Authors: Mohammad, A.
Kuzemin, A.
Lyashenko, V.
Tkachenko, B.
Keywords: natural disaster
statistic model
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: GJESRM
Citation: Mohammad A., Kuzemin A., Lyashenko V., Tkachenko B. Common methodology of data analysis of natural disasters // Global Journal of Engineering Science and Research Management. – 2016. – Vol. 3(5). – P. 47-53.
Abstract: Providing of safe human life is very connected with research and analysis of different disasters. Among of different disasters, there is a special place for natural disasters (ND), because ND have significant influence on human life. One of the methods to prevent uncontrolled ND influence on human life is wide data research which are connected with appearance and distribution of ND. Thus, in this work researched the whole methodology of data analysis of ND. Basis of this methodology is statistic model of ND data analysis and development of forecast ranking of ND development.
ISSN: 2349-4506
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