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Title: Wavelet Analysis as a Learning Tool a Polymer Composites
Authors: Lyashenko, V.
Mohammad, A.
Kobylin, O.
Keywords: wavelet analysis
polymer composites
image processing
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Natural State Research
Citation: Lyashenko V., Mohammad A., Kobylin O. Wavelet Analysis as a Learning Tool a Polymer Composites // American Journal of Engineering Research. – 2017. – Vol. 6(1). – P. 1-6.
Abstract: The image processing analysis is one of the most powerful tool in various research fields, especially in material/polymer science. But the image processing is very much. Each method can analyze a specific point in the image. We reviewed the methodology for wavelet analysis of image processing in the study of polymer compositions. This allows you to improve the study of the properties of fiber as a reinforcing agent in polymer compositions. In this paper experiments had been held. The results presented here were found satisfactory and also are in good agreement with our earlier work and some other worker in the same field.
ISSN: 2320 - 0936
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