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Title: Dielectric parameters measurement with the aid of microwave multimeter
Authors: Miroshnyk, A. M.
Zaichenko, O. B.
Rozhnova, T. G.
Keywords: dielectric permittivity
complex reflection coefficient
multiprobe microwave multimeter
processing algorithm
measuurement uncertainity
Issue Date: 2017
Citation: Miroshnyk M. A. Dielectric parameters measurement with the aid of microwave multimeter / M. A. Miroshnyk, O. B. Zaichenko, T. G. Rozhnova // Proceedings of 27 International Scientific Simposium Metrology and Metrology Assurance 2017. – 2017. – С. 115–118
Abstract: Multiprobe microwave multimeters allow to measure dielectric permittivity of materials along with power, complex reflection coefficient and wavelenght, being universal devices. A method proposed for determining the permittivity of materials on the basis of the mode in the form of an integral equation that is distinguished by the use of the dyadic Green's function as the kernel of the integral equation, with the simplification by variational principles to obtain engineering formulas for calculation measurement uncertainty.
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