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dc.contributor.authorРубан, И. В.-
dc.contributor.authorЧурюмов, Г. И.-
dc.contributor.authorТокарев, В. В.-
dc.contributor.authorТкачев, В. Н.-
dc.identifier.citationРубан И.В. Функциональная стойкость универсальной мобильной реконфигурируемой системы при воздействии электромагнитного излучения высокой мощности / И.В. Рубан, Г.И. Чурюмов, В.В. Токарев, В.Н. Ткачев // Информационные технологии и безопасность: материалы докладов XVII Международной научно-практической конференции, 30 ноября 2017 г. - Киев, НАНУ ИПРИ. - С. 205 - 210.uk_UA
dc.description.abstractThis paper presents topical scientific and applied problems of increasing the survivability of a general-purpose reconfigurable system under conditions of external influence of powerful microwave pulses of electromagnetic radiation during registration, temporary storage and data transmission. As the general-purpose reconfigurable system one consider the following components: main drone and the micro-multi-drones, a system for receiving, storing and processing data. A brief description of the functionality of individual components of the system is provided in the framework of solving common problems: registration, transmission and processing of data. The current status of research devoted to the influence of microwave pulses of electromagnetic radiation to the hardware part of the generalpurpose systems is analyzed. Theoretical studies were carried out to determine the regularities of the influence of microwave pulses of different power for possible software reconfiguration of the general-purpose reconfigurable system for solving the problem of increasing survivability. Conclusions are drawn regarding the search for ways to increase the survivability of both components and the system as a whole.uk_UA
dc.publisherИПРИ НАНУuk_UA
dc.subjectфункциональная стойкостьuk_UA
dc.subjectреконфигурируемая мобильная системаuk_UA
dc.titleФункциональная стойкость универсальной мобильной реконфигурируемой системы при воздействии электромагнитного излучения высокой мощностиuk_UA
dc.typeConference proceedingsuk_UA
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