3D Printing in Online Education

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Zavolodko, H.
Haidar, N.
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The review object is the subsystem verification and printing 3D-model online learning system mixed type. To do this, a review of analogues, technologies, stages of printing were identified. The aim is to design with IP topics that uses the additive technologies in the educational process. In the given IDEF – diagram describing the function of the system; authentication rules, verification of 3D-models, sending the model to print, selecting a device online, and basic screen forms.
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additive technologies, blended learning, 3d-model, 3d-printing, rules database, database
Hanna Zavolodko, Nataliia Haidar. 3D Printing in Online Education // II International Scientific and Practical Conference Theoretical and Applied Aspects of Device Development on Microcontrollers and FPGAs (MC&FPGA), Kharkiv, Ukraine, 2020, pp.53-54. DOI: 10.35598/mcfpga.2020.016