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Title: Motor activity as the basis of a healthy lifestyle of student youth
Authors: Литвиненко, А. М.
Lytvynenko, A.
Griban, G.
Keywords: healthy lifestyle
motor activity
physical education
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Fundacja Lekarzy Polskich-Pro-Medica
Citation: Griban,G., Lytvynenko, A. at al., (2020). Motor activity as the basis of a healthy lifestyle of student youth. Wiadomosci Lekarskie (Warsaw, Poland : 1960), 73(6), 1199-1206.
Abstract: The aim is to find out the role of motor activity in developing a healthy lifestyle of student youth in the process of physical education. Materials and methods: The study involved 647 students, aged 18-22. The research methods are the analysis and synthesis of the literature, analysis of curricula, programs, methodological support and quality of training, questionnaires, and the methods of mathematical statistics. Results: It is determined that the majority of the students had no need for a healthy lifestyle, the lack of knowledge in this area, low activity while performing the requirements of a healthy lifestyle, irrational organization of educational activities, bad habits and other factors that negatively affect their health. Сonclusions: The current system of physical education in the higher education institutions of Ukraine cannot change the attitude of students to a healthy lifestyle. The purpose of physical education, in addition to the formation of physical skills and development of students’ physical qualities, should be educational work aimed at forming a positive attitude towards a healthy lifestyle.
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