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Title: Some limitations of evaluating dual-polarized MIMO channel capacity
Other Titles: Деякі обмеження оцінювання пропускної здатності МІМО-каналу подвійної поляризації
Некоторые ограничения оценки пропускной способности МИМО-канала двойной поляризации
Authors: Martynchuk, A.
Zubrytskyi, H.
Xuan, Li
Martynchuk, O.
Keywords: SNR
dual polarization channels
Channel capacity
Cross Polar Discrimination
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: ХНУРЕ
Citation: Martynchuk A., Zubrytskyi H., Xuan Li, Martynchuk O. Some limitations of evaluating dual-polarized MIMO channel capacity // Системи обробки інформації, 2020, випуск 2 (161). - С. 16-21. DOI: 10.30748/soi.2020.161.02.
Abstract: This article discusses possible bandwidth limitations of a radio access channel using MIMO technology with polarization-orthogonal channels, or dual polarization channels. The main attention is paid to the presence of cross-polarization isolation between channels, or cross-polarization relation, or Cross Polar Discrimination. The indicated ratio is determined mainly by the design features of the antennas. It is proposed to choose antennas with the minimum required values of cross-polarization ratio, which limit a given channel bandwidth.
ISSN: 1681-7710
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