A Matrix Electrodynamics: A Similarity to the Heisenberg’s Mechanics?

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A matrix approach to solving the electrodynamic problems is described. This specificity consists in the treatment of an electrodynamic system (ES) as an oscillating system with a finite number of the degrees of freedom. The ES is considered as a set of spatially localized partial oscillators (oscillets). Matrices of unit mutual pseudoenergies and unit mutual energies of the oscillators are evaluated. The ES eigenvalues, eigenfunctions and excited potentials can be calculated then basing on the lumped element circuit matrix theory. The main advantage of such approach is substitution of the partial derivative differential equations with the linear algebra problems and the ordinary differential equations.


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matrix electrodynamics, oscillatory system, eigenvalue problem

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Gritsunov A. Matrix Electrodynamics: A Similarity to the Heisenberg’s Mechanics? / Gritsunov A., Veryovkina A. A // Proc. Ninth IEEE Int. Vacuum Electron Sources Conf. (IVEC 2008) – Monterey, California (USA). – 2008. – P. 356-357.