Achieving data security in the bonus sharing system “bonusharing”

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The implementation of data security is arguably one of the most important aspects when developing a modern system. All application functions that somehow manipulate, store or view personalized or sensitive data should be brought to standard so that they guarantee confidentiality, integrity and availability. Since man-in-the-middle attacks could try to insert/remove data in a dataflow, it is important to follow such principles in all system data-related functions, communication and data storage. Building a safe and reliable system is not an easy task, but can be simplified by following basic methodologies and concepts created by professionals. It is recommended to implement well-known methods of security, as achieved in the “BonuSharing” system


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Dolhanenko O. D. Achieving data security in the bonus sharing system “bonusharing” / O. D. Dolhanenko. // Радіоелектроніка та молодь у ХХІ столітті : матеріали 24 Міжнар. молодіж. форуму, 7–9 квіт. 2020 р. – Харків : ХНУРЕ, 2020. – Т. 6. – С. 179–180.