Automated Monitoring and Visualization System in Production

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In the modern world cyber-physical production systems are increasingly used. They allow you to control the flow of the technological process in production in real time. But the use of such an approach is greatly complicated by the fact that the equipment of many enterprises is old and cannot support the necessary functions. This is primarily due to the lack of the necessary sensors, as well as the corresponding software. Since the complete replacement of production equipment is very expensive, the task is to create separate monitoring systems. They must be able to integrate into the necessary parts of the production process. And they should also be cheap. In this work, we propose to build a model of such a monitoring and visualization system. The main attention in the work is focused on the hardware implementation of the proposed system and the relationship of its individual elements.


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Cyber-Physical Production System, Visualization System

Бібліографічний опис

Automated Monitoring and Visualization System in Production / Lyashenko V., Abu-Jassar A. T., Yevsieiev V., Maksymova S. // Int. Res. J. Multidiscip. Technovation, 5(6), 09-18.