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Automated Controllers Functioning Criteria in Content Distribution Systems

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Scholars Journal of Engineering and Technology (SJET)

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This paper describes content distribution systems (CDS) used in telecommunication datacenters. First or last, the CDS becomes large, and its detailed engineering can not be performed during reasonable time span. Therefore, its optimization is out of question. In this case, formulating a model for a huge system functioning, not the system optimization, is required. This paper describes the problem of automated controllers functioning in telecommunication up-diffused datacenters. We propose the functional criteria of the practicability CDS behavior agreed with a specification of earlier informational system criterion. It belongs to a class of additive functional-cost criterion. The mentioned problem of CDS functioning can be solved using the Lagrange's method of undetermined coefficients. This allows to develop the system with minimal average costs during the extended period of its operational time under conforming to the possibility of tasks solving. At that the behavior model parameters values are equivalent to the corresponding Lagrange coefficients. The presented approach can be practically implemented in the suballocated service systems or the systems working according to the "observer-subscriber" principle.


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Functioning criteria, Content distribution systems, Lagrange coefficients, Atemporal criterion

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Tkachov V.M. Automated Controllers Functioning Criteria in Content Distribution Systems / V.M. Tkachov, V.E. Savanevych // Scholars Journal of Engineering and Technology. - Volume-2: Issue-3A. - Apr-May; 2014. - Pp. 491-497.