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  • Документ
    Російсько-українська інформаційна війна
    (ХНУРЕ, 2023) Шудренко, А. В.; Дам-Васильєва, Ч. А.
    In today’s world, information warfare is one of the most dangerous types of weapons. Using secret information, spreading dirt, spreading false information, trying to mislead with information have become the meaning of life for many people. And all because information has an influence on the masses, that is, if you successfully manipulate the consciousness of the masses, you can achieve almost any goal: destroy the opponent or start a war.
  • Документ
    Російсько-українська війна та ї ї вплив на геополітику у світі
    (ХНУРЕ, 2023) Михайленко, Я. Р.
    The purpose of this researcn is to assess the threats and challenges posed by the Russian-Ukrainian war to international systems, for example, the international security system and the international legal system, as well as to the statehood and sovereignty of Ukraine. The author also demonstrates the relationship between the methods of warfare and the dangerous consequences that can be caused. This publication aims to describe methods to prevent irreversible consequences that will have an impact on all countries of the world
  • Документ
    ОСобливості роботи адміністративних судів в умовах воєнного стану
    (ХНУРЕ, 2023) Лі, Н. Д.
    This article deals with the problem of the work of the courts during the wartime. It is known that war brings a lot of problems to people's lives and one of the influential problems is the proper operation of the courts. It is very important because a lot of people face problems that must be resolved by the court and malfunctioning in the court's work can destroy or society or even endanger the country. In our scientific work we will analyze work of the courts during the wartime and we will describe some features of it. At the and of this work we will understand the current state of due process of the courts during martial law.
  • Документ
    Роль волонтерського руху в сучасній Україні
    (ХНУРЕ, 2023) Іванов, Є. В.
    This work is devoted to the volunteer movement and its role in modem Ukraine. The work analyzes the historical development of volunteerism in Ukraine and its current state, examining various factors that have influenced the growth and impact of volunteer work in the country. Additionally, the study discusses the benefits of volunteerism for both individuals and society as a whole and highlights the challenges and obstacles that volunteers face in Ukraine. The research draws on a range of sources, including reports, articles, and official data. Overall, this work provides a comprehensive overview of the volunteer movement in Ukraine and its importance for social development in the country.
  • Документ
    Іван Багряний: історія одного з видатих українських бунтівників
    (ХНУРЕ, 2023) Олефіренко, І. І.
    This report highlights the life and legacy of Ivan Bahrianyi, one of Ukraine’s most celebrated writers and intellectuals. Franko was a prolific author, producing poetry, fiction, works that captured the struggles of the Ukrainian people during a tumultuous time in their history. This report provides an overview of his life, his works, and his impact on Ukrainian culture, and is intended to inform and engage both domestic and international audiences