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  • Документ
    Разработка средств противодействия управлению квадрокоптером для защиты частной информации
    (ХНУРЕ, 2019) Попаденко, М. О.
    Every year, automation increases its influence on our everyday life. There are many devices for development, training and other needs. Actually, quadcopter is the most functional and impressive invention. This device can do a variety of tasks. It has already found its widespread use in certain areas of human activity. Now such devices are available to every private person of ordinary consumers of electronics. Their cost has become acceptable, functional opportunities has grown, management became simpler. It comes as no surprise that such advantages, like a light weight, simple operation and availability, makes a certain threat to the privacy of people. In this project, in order to protect personal information, it is proposed to develop methods for counteracting these devices.
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    Распознавание эмоций диктора по его голосу
    (ХНУРЕ, 2019) Самочернов, Н. Б.
    An algorithm for automatic emotion recognition from the speaker's voice has been developed. The classification efficiency for different acoustic features was estimated and a very small set of the most reliable characteristics was extracted in order to obtain a robust and quick emotion state classification. Using the classifier with quadratic kernel and this feature set provides the recognition accuracy of approximately 96 % between “anger” and “neutral” emotional states.
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    Дистанційно керований робот-розвідник із системою збору, передавання та збереження вимірювальної інформації
    (ХНУРЕ, 2019) Пушкарьов, В. В.
    Topicality of the topic: In order to solve the security problem in emergencies, it is necessary to create more modern specialized technical equipment and equipment for intelligence and information gathering at a safe distance for staff. This could help to protect the personnel, fire and rescue equipment from the influence of dangerous factors of fire, explosion, gamma radiation, etc. The purpose and tasks of the scientific work: to develop a telecommunication complex consisting of a mobile platform for intelligence and a server for data collection and analysis in emergencies.
  • Документ
    Авторизація на сайті за допомогою RFID – рідера
    (ХНУРЕ, 2019) Ходаківський, М. А.
    RFID systems are used in a variety of cases where operational and precise control, tracking, and taking into account the numerous displacements of various object is required. In this paper, an authorization system using RFID access is presented to you. The system may be used for authorization on a personal computer, as well as authorize on any site without the use of input devices. The power supply of the platform is carried out with the help of any power supply in the range of voltage from 5 to 9 volts, or simply submerge the USB connector.
  • Документ
    Выбор предпочтительных протоколов маршрутизации автономных сетей
    (ХНУРЕ, 2019) Махник, А. С.
    The analysis of routing protocols used in wireless sensor-actuator networks (WSAN) is carried out. The process of selecting an effective routing protocol for use in field sensor networks with the localization of elements by the method of analysis of hierarchies is considered. An energy-efficient routing protocol based on the location of the WSAN nodes has been identified.