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  • Публікація
    Аналіз методів оцінки акустичних характеристик приміщень
    (ХНУРЕ, 2019) Литвинов, О. О.
    Acoustic spectrum is a graphic representation of the composition of the noise depending by frequency. Acoustic spectrum is the most important component of noise characteristics. One of the most important methods of this work is the study of acoustic characteristics and solving problems of the acoustic spectrum. The architectural acoustic theory is now in the path of statistical description of sound fields
  • Публікація
    About one approach to solve the problem of management of the development and operation of centralized water-supply systems
    (LUBLIN–RZESZOW, 2014) Tevyashev, A.; Matviienko, O.
    One of the approaches to solve the problem of resource and energy saving in centralized water-supply systems by reducing the total excess pressure in water-supply nodes is examined in the present work. The implementation of this approach is provided due to re-engineering of watersupplies by their zoning and optimal flux-distribution in the water-supplies. Mathematical formulations of the problems to be examined and efficient algorithms of their solving are presented
  • Публікація
    Combinatorial approaches to the capital-budgeting problem
    (LUBLIN–RZESZOW, 2016) Pichugina, O.
    Optimization approaches, combinatorial and continuous, to a capital-budgeting problem (CBP) are presented. This NP-hard problem, traditionally modelled as a linear binary problem, is represented as a biquadratic over an intersection of a sphere and a upersphere. This allows applying nonlinear optimization to it. Also, the method of combinatorial and surface cuttings (MCSC) is adopted to (CBP). For the single constrained version (1CBP), new combinatorial models are introduced based on joint analysis of the constraint, objective function, and feasible region. Equivalence of (1CBP) to the multichoice knapsack problem (MCKP) is shown. Peculiarities of Branch&Bound techniques to (1CBP) are described.
  • Публікація
    Investigation of the dynamics of singular protected systems
    (LUBLIN–RZESZOW, 2016) Naumeyko, I.; Alja'afreh M.
    The analysis of asymptotic representations of the systems protected from harmful influences is carried out. Various types of general models of the "manmachine-environment" with protection are considered. Each of them adequately describes some of the practically important qualities of the object, and they all together describe the object in terms of its safe operation. The dynamic properties of complex ergonomic systems, presented in the form of systems of differential equations with a small parameter at the derivative are investigated. The methods of reducing the impact on the person of harmful factors are theoretically substantiated. The dynamic protection response speed is considered to be significantly greater than the harmful factor production rate.
  • Публікація
    On the construction of two-sided approximations to positive solutions of some elliptic problem
    (LUBLIN–RZESZOW, 2016) Kolosova, S.; Lukhanin, V.
    In this paper we have investigated the existence, uniqueness and possibility of constructing of two-sided approximations to the positive solution of a heat conduction problem with two sources. The investigation is based on methods in operator equations theory in half-ordered spaces. In this case we have considered a nonlinear operator equation that corresponds to the initial boundary value problem in a cone of non-negative continous functions. The roperties of the corresponding operator define conditions which provide the existence and uniqueness of the solution. The conditions link the parameters of the problem implicitly meaning that they don’t provide the range of allowed values but need to be verified for each specific parameters value set separately
  • Публікація
    Research the possibilities of different filters and their application to image recognition problems
    (LUBLIN–RZESZOW, 2016) Brytik, V. I.; Grebinnik, O.; Kobziev, V.
    This article is devoted to the analysis from the viewpoint of accuracy allocation of contour points, and maintaining information about the distribution of non-derivative elements. In this article is researched the edge enhancement algorithms such as Prewitt, Sobel, Laplacian, Kirsch and evaluated their work, using some well-known performance measures. Also compared the efficacy of the researched algorithms, which was determined on the selected images with superimposed noise
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    Geoinformational analytic control system of the collection of municipal solid waste
    (LUBLIN–RZESZOW, 2014) Tevyashev, A.; Matviienko, O.; Shiyan, O.
    One of the effective approaches to solve the problem of optimal control of the collection of municipal solid waste in cities and towns on the basis of geoinformational analytic system is studied in the present work. Its structure is shown in the form of three interconnected subsystems: geoinformational system, analytic system, subsystem of nitoring of the refuse collection vehicles. The main attention is focused on the analytic subsystem. The mathematical formulation of the problem of effective planning of the traffic routes of the refuse collection vehicles and efficient algorithm to solve it are set here. The control of implementation of the planned routes is carried out by the subsystem of monitoring of the refuse collection vehicles using GPS-navigation
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    Numerical analysis of the problem of flow past a cylindrical body applying the r-functions method and the galerkin method
    (LUBLIN–RZESZOW, 2014) Lamtyugova, S. N.; Sidorov, M. V.
    The article considers the stationary problem of viscous incompressible fluid flow past a cylindrical body. For solving the problem it is proposed a numerical method, based on the joint use of R-functions method and the Galerkin method. The computational experiment has been conducted for the task of flow past square cylinder for different Reynolds numbers.
  • Публікація
    Mathematical simulation of infocommunication networks applying chaos theory
    (LUBLIN–RZESZOW, 2014) Karpukhin, A.; Gritsiv, D.; Tkachenko, A.
    The advent and wide usage of computer networks as well as an increasing number of various network services have resulted in the fact that the network traffic has become more complex and unpredictable. These properties have become especially apparent with the appearance of highspeed data transmission technology. It is connected with the fact that one of the main quality indeces (QoS) of operation of packet transmission networks is the number of lost packets. The loss of packets results to additional network traffic and, finally, “congestions”. At high speeds of data transmission packet losses, expressed in portions of a per-cent, lead to considerable information losses.
  • Публікація
    Fuzzy models presentation and realization by means of relational systems
    (LUBLIN–RZESZOW, 2014) Filatov, V. O.
    The feature of the research is the proposed fuzzy models representation method by means of relational systems, which unlike the known approaches, can solve integrated data mining problems in databases and fuzzy systems.
  • Публікація
    Mathematical modeling and numerical analysis of nonstationary plane-parallel flows of viscous incompressible fluid by r-functions and galerkin method
    (LUBLIN–RZESZOW, 2014) Artyukh, A.; Sidorov, M.
    This paper is dedicated to nonstationary plane-parallel flows of viscous incompressible fluid in finite simply connected domains. Theorem of the solution uniqueness is presented. The method of successive approximation, the Galerkin method and the R-functions method are used to obtain the numerical solution, which was tested on the problem with known solution
  • Публікація
    About one method of mathematical modelling of human vision functions
    (LUBLIN–RZESZOW, 2014) Semenets, V. V.; Natalukha, Yu.; Taranukha, O.; Токарев, В. В.; Семенець, В. В.
    The comparison method, widely used in the colorimetric experiments, is applied to simulation of human vision functions. To solve such class of problems the mathematical model is obtained with the help of special type predicates.
  • Публікація
    The stochastic model of quasi-stationary non-isothermal mode of transport and distribution of natural gas in the gas transportation systems
    (LUBLIN–RZESZOW, 2017) Tevyashev, A.; Mamedova, A.; Iievlieva, S.; Frolov, V.
    The paper presents a stochastic model of a quasi-stationary non-isothermal mode of transport and distribution of natural gas in gas transportation systems with multilinear linear sections of pipeline and a lot of craft compressor stations. A method for calculating the statistical properties of the dependent variables of the model from the statistical properties of the independent variables
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    An Overview Of E-government Concept
    (LUBLIN–RZESZOW, 2017) M. Al Kilani; Kobziev, V.
    E-government has become play an important role in improving government services, and increase effectiveness and efficiency in providing services. Many countries have become aware of the importance of adopting e-government project in improve services, reduce costs, and save time by providing the services anywhere at any time. E-government has become a tool to improving the economic aspect, administrative organization, and increase and trust between the government and beneficiaries.
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    Dynamic balance research of protected systems
    (LUBLIN–RZESZOW, 2015) Naumeyko, I.; Alja'afreh M.
    The dynamic models of the complex ergatic objects' behavior, presented in the form of differential equations and their systems were studied. The stability and other properties are researched. The methods of analysis and reduce of harmful factors and their impact on people were theoretically proved. The methods of analysis and critical points removal in dynamic models of hazards distribution are offered.
  • Публікація
    Decision-making rule efficiency estimation with applying similarity metrics
    (LUBLIN–RZESZOW, 2015) Anokhin, M.; Koryttsev, I.
    In article the short description of the most often used methods of classification at pattern recognition is given. The main attention is paid to the methods allowing development of a system for image recognition in a real time scale. The features formation method on the base of two-dimensional spatial spectrums of objects images is offered and application of similarity metrics in a decision-making rule for image classification is described. Experimental data of correct and erroneous recognition probabilities as well as image classification time depending on a number of features and on the identification threshold value are presented and analyzed
  • Публікація
    Elements transpositions and their impact on the cyclic structure of permutations
    (LUBLIN--RZESZOW, 2015) Grebennik, I. V.; Chorna, O.
    The objective of this paper is the investigation of the cyclic structure and permutation properties based on neighbor elements transposition properties and the properties of the permutation polyhedron. In this paper we consider special type of transpositions of elements in a permutation. A feature of these transpositions is that they corresponding to the adjacency criterion in a permutation polyhedron. We will investigate permutation properties with the help of the permutation polyhedron by using the immersing in the Euclidian space. Six permutation types are considered in correspondence with the location of arbitrary components. We consider the impact of the corresponding components on the cyclic structure of permutations depending on the type of a permutation.