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  • Документ
    Плазмонные резонансы металлического нанопровода и нанотрубки
    (ХНУРЕ, 2019) Готовская, А. В.
    Actual problem of radiophysics that based on effective analytical and numerical study of stationary fields in systems of two-dimensional structure has been solved. Isolated metal nanowire and nanotube were considered. All the possible plasmon modes of wires of the specified configurations has been described and classified. Corresponding equations for finding the complex eigenvalues has been obtained. Field distributions in the near field, their frequency and quality factor has been studied
  • Документ
    Часова динаміка поверхневих плазмонів
    (ХНУРЕ, 2022) Шпількін, А. Р.
    The excitation of surface plasmons of a metal nanowire and nanoshell by an external nonstationary source is investigated. It is shown that due to excitation by a directed pulse the resultant field has the form of an asymmetric surface wave traveling along the surface of the structure. Moreover, the distribution of the field on the surface of nanoshell is more complex, because it excites both even and odd plasmons with different Q-factors and field distributions.
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    Приклад перспективного і екстремального управління захистом в ергатичних системах
    (ХНУРЕ, 2022) Гайдук, І. М.
    Insurance is offered as a linear approach to the model of financing and the establishment of the local structure protection system. Critical limitations of this model are the type of function in the criteria and the self test, for which the expectation is selected. Thus, the problem of actuarial mathematics to determine the values of insurance premiums when insuring a given financial risk is a good model for describing the financial costs of the design process and long-term protection management. The object of fuser development is mathematical model of transitions between «health-and-state» of a human operator in operatormachine system. The object of study is the state probabilities of human efficiency with the system. The research method is maximization the information entropy.
  • Документ
    Властивості наноструктур із плазмонними резонансами
    (ХНУРЕ, 2022) Мартинюк, Є. Д.
    The paper considers an urgent scientific problem of effective numericalanalytical study of stationary fields in a metal nanowire. To solve the problem, a rigorous mathematical approach was used, which made it possible to identify all possible configuration plasmons without any restrictions on the transverse size. This approach guaranteed obtaining results with controlled accuracy, ease of interpretation of phenomena, and created a complete physical picture of the nonstationary processes that are observed in such a structure.
  • Документ
    Падение электромагнитной волны на границу нестационарной проводящей среды
    (Основа, 1993) Нерух, А. Г.; Шаворыкина, И. Ю.
    Исследования дифракции электромагнитных волн на объектах с нестационарной средой наталкиваются на значительные трудности. Лишь в простейших случаях удается получить ответ в удобной для анализа форме.