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Title: Radiation sensitive integrated detectors based on compounds AIIBVI
Authors: Галат, А. Б.
Гашин, П. А.
Гринев, Б. В.
Старжинский, Н. Г.
Зеня, И. М.
Keywords: scintillators
Issue Date: 2007
Publisher: ХНУРЕ
Citation: Galat A. B. Radiation sensitive integrated detectors based on compounds AIIBVI / A. B. Galat, P. A. Gashin, B. V. Grinyov, N.G. Starzhinskiy, I.M. Zenya//Радиотехника. Всеукр. межвед. науч.-техн. сб.,2007. –Вып. 150. –С.148–150.
Abstract: Methods are considered of preparation of photosensitive structures nZnSe(Te)–pZnTe and ZnSe(Te)/pZnTe–nCdSe using solid-phase substitution reactions and subsequent epitaxial growth on crystals ZnSe(Te) . It has been shown that maximum e.m.f. value for integrated detectors is 1,2-1,4 V, and their X-ray sensitivity reaches values up to 150-200 nAmin/Rcm2.
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