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Title: Digital Image Processing Techniques for Detection and Diagnosis of Fish Diseases
Authors: Lyubchenko, V.
Matarneh, R.
Kobylin, O.
Lyashenko, V.
Keywords: fish diseases
image processing
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: IJARCSSE
Citation: Lyubchenko V., Matarneh R., Kobylin O., Lyashenko V. Digital Image Processing Techniques for Detection and Diagnosis of Fish Diseases // International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science and Software Engineering. – 2016. – Vol. 6(7). – P. 79-83.
Abstract: Image processing is used in many fields of knowledge because it allows the automate processes to get more information about the object being examined. One of directions of use of image processing technology is the study of fauna and flora, and in particular, the detection and diagnose of diseases of some representatives of fauna. In this article, we looked at the possibility of studying fish diseases by applying the methodology of color image segmentation. The surfaces of fish body considered the main information source to detectinfections. We successfully have detect infected areas on fish body and identified a total area of lesions.The proposed method makes it possible to automate the process and reduce the time of diagnosis of Infectious dangerous fish diseases.
ISSN: 2277-128X
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