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Title: Influence of anomalous dispersion mirror properties on the quantum efficiency of InGaAs/GaAs resonant cavity photodetector
Authors: Gryshchenko, S.
Demin, A.
Lysak, V.
Sukhoivanov, I.
Keywords: resonant-cavity enhanced photodetector
quantum efficiency
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: J. Opto-Electronics Review
Abstract: We present a theoretical analysis of the quantum efficiency of a resonant cavity enhanced InGaAs/GaAs P-i-n photodetector (PD) for the ultrashort optical connections. The numerical method of calculation of quantum efficiency combining a transfer matrix method and an energy conservation law is offered. Using anomalous dispersion (AD) mirror flattopped QE spectrum has been obtained. Conditions for ideal flattopped spectral response have been received. A design with a maximum QE of 93.5% and 3 nm bandwidth at 0.02 dB below the peak is presented.
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