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Title: Tools of the Computer Testing of Knowledge in Mathematical Discipli
Authors: Shkil, A. S.
Naprasnsk, S. V.
Tsimbaluyk, E. S.
Garkusha, E. V.
Keywords: Computer Testing
Knowledge in Mathematical Disciplines
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: EWDTS
Citation: Shkil A. S. Tools of the Computer Testing of Knowledge in Mathematical Discipli/ Shkil A. S., Naprasnsk S. V., Tsimbaluyk E. S., Garkusha E. V. //Proceedings of IEEE East-West Design & Test Symposium (EWDTS’08)
Abstract: Issues of using different forms of test tasks for testing knowledge in mathematical disciplines in computer knowledge testing system OpenTEST2 are presented. It is suggested to use delay of right answers appearance in test tasks of closed type and regular expressions for setting etalons in opened type test tasks. Recently, testing of knowledge is used for controlling knowledge quality, rating, and students and university entrants selection and for different professional selections. Computer knowledge testing systems are widely used for the improvement of testing quality. Computer knowledge testing system OpenTEST2 is developed in Kharkov National University of Radio Electronics (KHNURE) [1], at creation of which webtechnologies language of server scripts PHP, HTML, XML, and JavaScript languages were used. Database under MYSQL management was used for storage of all information. The group Apache2+PHP5+Mysql5 is a server, and any Internet browser is clients. A testing process consists of the following stages: creation of test, creation of test groups, setting of testing parameters, realization of testing and its monitoring, getting results and statistics. Every stage is realized by a separate module of the system with verification of authorizing and rights for access. In OpenTEST2 a partly adapted algorithm of knowledge control training will be realized with a random sample of test tasks (questions) from the structured four level test database and group conception of management users. Testing in knowledge testing system OpenTEST2 is carried out by organization of testing session, which is characterized by the time for testing and the length (by the amount of test tasks). The system supports all basic types of closed form test tasks (choice of one correct answer, choice of few correct answers, matching) and opened form test tasks (free input of a short answer) with arbitrary setting of weight of questions. Primary estimation is determined as a percent (stake) of correct answers for the tasks of testing session. Testing results appear in the arbitrary scale of evaluation (point scales are chosen by a teacher), and the detailed statistics of testing results are also given .
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