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Title: Spam Diagnosis Infrastructure for Individual Cyberspace
Authors: Hahanov, Vladimir
Mischenko, Aleksandr
Chumachenko, Svetlana
Hahanova, Anna
Priymak, Alexey
Keywords: spam diagnosis infrastructure
individual cyberspace
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: EWDTS
Citation: Hahanov Vladimir Spam Diagnosis Infrastructure for Individual Cyberspace /Vladimir Hahanov, Aleksandr Mischenko, Svetlana Chumachenko, Anna Hahanova, Alexey Priymak//Proceedings of IEEE East-West Design & Test Symposium (EWDTS’2011)
Abstract: The theory, methods and the architecture of parallel information's analysis is presented by the form of analytical, graph and table forms of associative relations for the search, recognition, diagnosis of destructive components and the decision making in ndimensional vector cybernetic individual space. Vector -logical processes-models of actual oriented tasks are considered. They include the diagnostic of spam and the recovery of serviceability, the hardwaresoftware components of computer systems and the decision quality is estimated by the interactions of nonarithmetic metrics of Boolean vectors. The concept of self-development information of computer ecosystem is offered. It repeats the evolution of the functionality of the person. Original processes-models of associativelogical information analysis are represented on the basis of high-speed multiprocessor in n-dimensional vector discrete space. The problem of creating an effective infrastructure of cyberspace (Cyber Space), as well as selfdeveloping information and computing ecosystems (ICES) of the planet is particularly important for global companies, such as Kaspersky Laboratory, Google and Microsoft. Cyberspace as an object of nature is also susceptible to destructive components affecting the performance of subjects, which are computers, systems and networks. Therefore, now and in the future it remains as an important problem of space standardization and specialization of all the interacting entities, including the negative, as an integral part of the ecosystem. This action is permanent in time, whose purpose is to keep up, but one step ahead of the emergence of new malicious components, by creating an infrastructure cybernetic space, operating the computer ecosystem of the planet and the quality of each person's life.
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