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Title: Programming Calculations in Many-Dimensional Boolean Space
Authors: Zakrevskij, A.
Keywords: efficient macro operations
programming combinatorial problems
boolean space
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: ХНУРЭ
Citation: Arkadij Zakrevskij Programming Calculations in Many-Dimensional Boolean Space/ A. Zakrevskij // Радиоэлектроника и информатика : науч.-техн. журн. – Х. : Изд-во ХНУРЭ, 2008. – Вып. 1. – С. 19-25
Abstract: The set of macro operations POBS over Boolean 2n-component vectors is offered, which essentially facilitates programming calculations in many-dimensional Boolean space. The application of that set is illustrated by examples of the analysis of partial Boolean functions on a monotony and presence of functional regularities, solving problems of sequential composition and decomposition. An important role is played by operations of interaction between adjacent units of the space.
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