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Title: Quantum Efficiency of the InGaAS/GaAs Resonant Photodetector for the Ultrashort Optical Connections
Authors: Gryshchenko, S.V.
Dyomin, A.A
Lysak, V.V.
Petrov, S.I.
Keywords: Resonant cavity detector
quantum efficiency Detectors
Ultrashort connections
Issue Date: 2007
Publisher: Begell House, Inc.
Abstract: A theoretical analysis has been conducted for the quantum efficiency of an InGaAs/GaAs resonant cavity p-i-n photodetector for the ultrashort optical connections. The quantum efficiency at resonance has been estimated. The mathematical model allows for the physical parameters of the photodetector, radiation wavelength, mirror reflectivity and optical absorption in all detector layers. The relations between the quantum efficiency and the reflection coefficient of the upper mirror of the Al0.65Ga0.35As/GaAs resonator in combination with other variable parameters of the structure have been determined. The magnitudes of the upper mirror reflection coefficient depending on physical parameters of the structure have been found.
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