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Title: Changes in lipid metabolic indices during the second-line antitubercular therapy
Authors: Носова, Я. В.
Худаева, С. А.
Khudaieva, S. A.
Shvets, O.
Shevchenko, O.
Jiao, Hankun
Keywords: multidrug-resistant tuberculosis
lipid profile
total cholesterol
atherogenic index
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: RS Global
Citation: Changes in lipid metabolic indices during the second-line antitubercular therapy // O. Shvets, O. Shevchenko, Ya.V. Nosova, Jiao Hankun, S. A. Khudaieva. // Proceedings of the XIII International Scientific and Practical Conference International Trends in Science and Technology. Warsaw, Poland. – Vol.2. – 2019. – P. 33-35.
Abstract: Present study was performed to evaluate the changes of lipid metabolism in multidrugresistant pulmonary tuberculosis patients during the treatment with second-line antitubercular drugs. Our study involved 36 MDR-TB patients. Control group comprised 20 healthy individuals who had not been previously diagnosed or received antituberculosis medication. According to our results, secondline antituberculosis drugs have negative effect on lipid metabolism of multidrug-resistant patients in the form of worsening of dyslipidemia manifestations. In choosing further treatment tactics, it is advisable to use virtual and three-dimensional models of the lung area, built according to the spiral computed tomography data, to illustrate the picture of the pathological changes taking place
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