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Title: Medication reminder device development
Authors: Devnozashvili, Mikheili
Selivanova, K. G.
Keywords: complex system
medication reminder
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: ХНУРЕ
Citation: Devnozashvili M. Medication reminder device development / Mikheili Devnozashvili, K. G. Selivanova // Матеріали 23 Міжнародного молодіжного форуму. Т. 1. – Харків: ХНУРЕ. 2019. – С. 124 - 125
Abstract: In this work we propose complex system that consists of manual and stationary blocks and will help patients for medication reminder. Developed system is combination of automatic pill dispenser and manual application device which will help user to manage complex medication regimes.
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