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Title: Особенности построения стеганографических систем радиосвязи
Authors: Васюта, К. С.
Озеров, С. В.
Королюк, А. Н.
Keywords: стеганография
хаотическая последовательность
случайный процесс
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: Проблеми телекомунікацій
Citation: Васюта, К. С. Особенности построения стеганографических систем радиосвязи [Текст] / К. С. Васюта, С. В. Озеров, А. Н. Королюк // Проблеми телекомунікацій. - 2012. № 3 (8). - С. 94 – 104.
Abstract: The successful solution to protect information from unauthorized access plays a large role in increasing stealth radio system and, as a consequence, its vitality. Now for the task involved cryptography and steganography. Application only cryptography does not completely solve the problem of data security observer, since the presence of an encrypted message attracts cryptanalysts. Hiding the same of the transfer of confidential data through the communication channel is a problem of steganography. By steganographic method to hide information in radio communication systems include the use of broadband (noise-like) signals. The work under the "noise" when the reconnaissance unit can not detect (save) the transmitted signal due to the similarity of the signal with a random process in the visual, correlation and spectral analysis. At the moment, promising are the communication system using chaotic sequences as information carriers. Noise-like (working under the "noise") and self-synchronization systems based on chaos and give them the potential benefits over traditional spread spectrum systems, based on a pseudo-random sequences. However, this class of signals is not met in full secrecy, as their attractors structured and easily distinguishable from the attractors of random processes with independent and identically distributed values. Accordingly, for the solution of the secure data transmission in a communication channel is inappropriate to use harmonic carrier and chaotic signals with simple attractor, as their attractors structured and easily classified in phase space. To ensure the secrecy of the operation of radio systems are useful complex chaotic signals that the visual, spectral, correlation and nonlinear analysis to be indistinguishable from white noise.
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