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Title: Properties of decelerating non-diffractive electromagnetic airy pulses
Authors: Nerukh, A. G.
Zolotariov, D. A.
Nerukh, D. A.
Keywords: Airy pulse
paraxial approximation
slowing propagation
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: ХНУРЭ
Citation: Nerukh A. G. Properties of decelerating non-diffractive electromagnetic airy pulses / A. G. Nerukh, D. A. Zolotariov, D. A. Nerukh // Прикладная радиоэлектроника : науч.-техн. журн. – Х. : ХНУРЭ, 2012. – Т. 11, № 1 – С. 77–81.
Abstract: The existence of electromagnetic pulses in time domain with the Airy function envelope is shown. The pulses satisfy an equation similar to the Schrodinger equation but in which the time and space variables play opposite roles. The pulses are generated by an Airy time varying field at a source point and propagate in vacuum preserving their shape and magnitude. The pulse motion is according to a quadratic law with the velocity changing from infinity at the source point to zero in infinity. Properties of such pulses are investigated in detail.
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