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Title: Fast ray tracing algorithm for cloud slice visualization
Authors: Bilous, N.
Ostroushko, A.
Shergin, V.
Keywords: cloud
ray tracing
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: ITHEA
Citation: Belous N. Fast ray tracing algorithm for cloud slice visualization / Ostroushko A., Bilous N., Shergin V. // International Journal “INFORMATION THEORIES & APPLICATIONS”. – 2010. – Vol. 17, №3. – С. 243–251.
Abstract: The three-dimensional computer graphic is widely used today in visualization systems of scientific researches, a computer tomography, producing of computer games, TV, animation, advertise manufacture etc. Especially high requirements are shown to realness of formed images. One of the most perspective methods is ray tracing. Fast ray tracing algorithm is proposed. This algorithm allows forming images of cloud slice according to the model described in [Ostroushko, 2010]. Using projecting ray’s classification allows excluding rays which has not crossings with cloud. Due to low memory requirements for storage of the cloud model and intermediate data fast ray tracing algorithm can be implemented on the GPU-based systems.
ISSN: 1310-0513 (printed)
1313-0463 (online)
1313-0498 (CD/DVD)
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