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Title: Wavelet Analysis of Cytological Preparations Image in Different Color Systems
Authors: Lyashenko, V.
Babker, A.
Lyubchenko, V.
Keywords: wavelet analysis
Contrast Enhancement
Cytology Preparation
Color Systems
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Scientific Research Publishing
Citation: Lyashenko V., Babker A., Lyubchenko V. Wavelet Analysis of Cytological Preparations Image in Different Color Systems // Open Access Library Journal. – 2017. – Vol. 4. – P. 1-9. doi: 10.4236/oalib.1103760.
Abstract: Processing of microscope images in medicine is one of the priority research areas. At the same time, the processing of images of cytological preparations occupies a special place. This is due to the fact that such studies allow for a comprehensive diagnosis of the state of human health, identify and prevent the development of diseases in the early stages. But this requires the results of processing the original images, which provide additional information. To do this, we investigate the possibility of using wavelet analysis in color models RGB and HSV. We showed the importance of using the HSV model for more information. It is shown that the procedure for changing the contrast in the HSV model is better than the contrast change procedure in the RGB model when using wavelet analysis.
ISSN: 2333-9705
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