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Title: Моделирование функциональных узлов радиорелейной системы терагерцового диапазона
Authors: Ильченко, М. Е.
Кузьмин, С. Е.
Нарытник, Т. Н.
Радзиховский, В. Н.
Keywords: приемо-передатчик
радиорелейная система
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: ХНУРЭ
Citation: Ильченко М. Е. Моделирование функциональных узлов радиорелейной системы терагерцового диапазона [Электронный ресурс] / М. Е. Ильченко, С. Е. Кузьмин, Т. Н. Нарытник, В. Н. Радзиховский // Проблеми телекомунікацій. – 2013. – № 2 (11). – С. 33 - 43. – Режим доступа к журн.:
Abstract: A number of the devices, which can be used for creation of new communication systems generation in terahertz band, have been developed. Computer and physical modeling of the functional units for terahertz communications system permit to designe the analog part of the transceiver. The transceiver contains: - transmitting circuit including input intermediate frequency amplifier (IFA), up-convertor and output bandpass filter (BPF); - receiving circuit including input BPF, mixer and output IFA. High frequency (RF) transmitter and receiver circuits operate in the frequency band 127-133 GHz. Intermediate frequency (IF) circuits operate in band 1-2 GHz. The particular of the transceiver is the use of a common local oscillator (LO) for receiving and trans-mitting circuits. In this connection receiver and transmitter operate at different frequency sidebands of the convertors. Bandpass filters provide isolation of receiving and transmitting circuits from each other and from LO circuit. These devices for the first time permit to create the transceiver for digital radio relay system in 130 GHz frequency band. Output power of transmitter was -10 dBm and sensitiv-ity of receiver was not worse 10-11 W. The transmission speed 155 Mbit/s was achieved using QAM-256 modulation in pass band 25 MHz. One of the most promising applications of terahertz relay systems is wireless transfer in real-time uncompressed (HD-SDI) high-definition television signals (HDTV) and ultra high-definition (Super HDTV), the transmission rate which reach 1,5 Gbit/s and 6,0 Gbit/s, respectively. This wireless system can be quickly used to organize temporal radio access, in particular, it can be a key compo-nent for immediate reconstruction of communications in emergency situations where the fiber-optic network cannot function as a result of a failure. The achieved results can be used as a base for creation new scientific and technological trend - terahertz high-speed telecom-munications. The next stage and promising area of development is the creation of the integrated multifunction devices, where in a single assembly are oscillating, converting, filtering, amplification, control, and other elements, including the antenna. Thus, it will be possible to create new generation of the transmitting and receiving device in terahertz frequency band.
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