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Title: Image Processing of Panoramic Dental X-Ray Images
Authors: Baabd, A.
Tymkovich, M. Y,
Аврунін, О. Г.
Keywords: Dental
X-Ray image
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: ХГУ
Citation: Baabd А. Image Processing of Panoramic Dental X-Ray Images / А. Baabd, M. Y Tymkovich, O. G. Avrunin // Матеріали XLVIII Міжнародної науково-практичної конференції "Застосування лазерів у медицині та біології". - Харків, 2018. - С. 177-178.
Abstract: The panoramic image allows to clearly see the state of the teeth, the dental rudiments, which are located in the jaw, temporomandibular joints, as well as the maxillary sinuses. It is noted that this type of study has a small dose of radiation. Indications for this type of study are dental implantation, bite correction, suspicion of bone tissue inflammation, control of the growth and development of the teeth, as well as the diagnosis of other dental problems.
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