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Title: Operator method analysis of pulse-forming lines and screening
Authors: Chumakov, V. I.
Kharchenko, O. I.
Keywords: telegrapher equations
formation line
screening gate
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: Chumakov V. I. Operator method analysis of pulse-forming lines and screening / V. I. Chumakov, O. I. Kharchenko. // XVІІI-й міжнародна науково-практична конферен-ція "Вимірювальна та обчислювальна техніка в технологічних процесах", м. Одеса, 8 – 13 червня 2018 р. – 2018. – С. 69–71.
Abstract: In this paper the results of the operator method application to the analysis of processes in the pulse- forming lines and the process of the electromagnetic field screening are presented. The model is considered as a system of Laplace transformed telegrapher’s equations and examples of its solution by the Fourier method and the method of traveling waves (d'Alembert method) are given. Wide perspectives the operator method has for solving problems of analysis of transient in linear devices and systems. The advantages of the operator method are shown, which makes it possible to simplify the analysis. It is shown also that the initial conditions of the problem are taken into account automatically. Examples of the solution of the charging problem of the forming line from the DC voltage source are considered and a comparative analysis of the results obtained by both methods is carried out. It is shown that the solution by the Fourier method allows obtaining an expression for the voltage in the line in the form of a spectral function and may be used at the frequency domain analysis. It was thus obtained that, when the line is charged, the expansion of the function in a series contains only odd harmonics. The solution is given by the d'Alembert method in the form of traveling waves. This result may be used for the time domain analysis. The overlapping of traveling waves leads to overvoltage in the line and the possibility of breakdown of dielectrics between the busducts. An example is given of calculating the screening gate, in which the action of the screen is simulated using a line with distributed parameters Distribution of electric fields is considered. Lattice diagram of the waves is shown to allow explaining process of forming interference pattern in media around the screen and into the screen
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