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Title: Mathematical modeling of the colorimetric parameters for remote control over the state of natural bioplato
Authors: Balym, Yu.
Georgiyants, M.
Vysotska, O.
Pecherska, A.
Porvan, A.
Keywords: Bioplato
Bioproduction process
Colorimetric parameters
Relation graph
Remote control
Trajectory of the system
Issue Date: 2017
Citation: Balym Y., Georgiyants M., Vysotska O., Pecherska A., Porvan A. Mathematical modeling of the colorimetric parameters for remote control over the state of natural bioplato // Eastern-European Journal of Enterprise Technologies. 2017. Vol 4. № 10 (88). Р. 29-36. DOI: 10.15587/1729-4061.2017.108415 (Scopus)
Abstract: An approach to the remote determination of the character of bioproduction processes in aquatic phytocenoses is proposed. The investigated plant communities can be used as natural bioplato for the elimination of biosafety threats to water consumption. The relevance of these studies is determined by the increased need for expanding the arsenal of methods for remote diagnosis of the states of natural systems that are important for biosafety provision. In particular - to ensure biosafety when using natural feed resources by waterfowls, which are a potential reservoir of bird flu. The similarity in the dynamics of the colorimetric parameters of phytocenoses and the Margalef's succession model makes it possible to implement a new approach to the generation of productive working hypotheses for the development of remote methods for determining the state of bioproduction processes in natural bioplato. The proposed approach is based on the use of the class of mathematical models, which is called the discrete models of dynamic systems. Based on the structure of the correlations between the colorimetric components of space photographs of the plavni in the mouth of the river Danube, a description of the structure of the intercomponent and intracomponent relations of the massifs of semi-submerged higher aquatic plants has been obtained. The resulting structure of intercomponent relations allowed us to construct idealized trajectories reflecting the dynamic changes of the system. A unique constant inverse relationship between the parameter reflecting the amount of green chlorophyll pigment affecting the level of photosynthetic production and the parameter reflecting the amount of orange-red pigments in each of the possible matrices of the ratios of colorimetric parameters has been revealed. As a result of analysis of the dynamic aspects of the RGB model, the structure of the system color parameter is shown, which is the mean square deviation of the spread in the degree of alignment of parameter values reflecting the amount of green and orange-red pigments. Представлені результати моделювання межкомпонентних відносин колорометричних параметрів природних біоплато. В якості вихідних даних використані космічні знімки плавнів в дельті Дунаю. Запропоновано використовувати системний колорометрический параметр, що відображає розмах значень ступеня вирівняності значень колорометричних параметрів. Виділені ознаки дозволяють дистанційно діагностувати стан біопродукційних процесів природних біоплато. Представлены результаты моделирования межкомпонентных отношений колорометрических параметров естественных биоплато. В качестве исходных данных использованы космические снимки плавней в дельте Дуная. Предложено использовать системный колорометрический параметр, отражающий размах значений степени выровненности значений колорометрических параметров. Выделенные признаки позволяют дистанционно диагностировать состояние биопродукционных процессов естественных биоплато.
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