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Title: A method for building desktop software automated update systems
Authors: Sitnikov, D.
Sitnikov, A.
Ryabov, O.
Keywords: Deployed software
desktop applications
desktop software
end users
product module
software products
software updates
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: WIT Transactions on information and communication technologies
Citation: Sitnikov D. A method for building desktop software automated update systems/ D. Sitnikov, A. Sitnikov, O. Ryabov // WIT Transactions on Information and Communication Technologies. – 2013. – V. 45. – P. 105-111.
Abstract: One of the problems in modern software development is the problem of introducing changes and fixes to the deployed software products in an automated fashion thus not requiring the end user to download the redundant product modules that had not been changed and performing manually the uninstall/install/check sequence. In this paper a method for building an automated update system has been suggested. The automated update system guarantees that the end user receives the latest changes and fixes to the product thus maintaining smooth experience from the software product. In this paper one of the methods for implementation of an automatic software update system for desktop applications is considered.
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