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Title: Optimization of NTRU Prime asymmetric encryption algorithm
Authors: Kachko, O. G.
Gorbenko, Yu. I.
Esina, M. V.
Akolzina, O. S.
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: ХНУРЭ
Citation: Optimization of NTRU Prime asymmetric encryption algorithm / O. G. Kachko, Yu. I. Gorbenko, M. V. Esina, O. S. Akolzina // Radiotekhnika : All-Ukr. Sci. Interdep. Mag. – 2017. – №191. – P. 5 – 10.
Abstract: The results of algorithms optimization for the post-quantum mechanism of asymmetric encryption NTRU Prime are given. Namely: module reduction, blinding polynomial calculation, encryption and decryption algorithms. A comparative analysis of different polynomials multiplications is also given
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