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Title: Исследование характеристик качества систем сложной структуры с применением тензоров на основе декомпозиции
Authors: Стрелковская, И. В.
Соловская, И. Н.
Смаглюк, Г. Г.
Keywords: MPLS
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: Проблеми телекомунікацій
Citation: Стрелковская, И. В. Исследование характеристик качества систем сложной структуры с применением тензоров на основе декомпозиции [Текст] / И. В. Стрелковская, И. Н. Соловская, Г. Г. Смаглюк // Проблеми телекомунікацій. - 2012. № 3 (8). - С. 47 – 57.
Abstract: Active implementation of NGN networks requires a qualitatively new technological development of the transport network, which will be based on MPLS technology and will ensure the effective traffic transmission with QoS parameters support, high scalability and broad abilities of configuration and integration with external networks. Certainly, the architecture of such network has high dimensionality and rather unwieldy and complicated. In this work is considered method of obtaining quality characteristics of the systems with complex structure using tensor-based decomposition. Managed objects of this structure are: the core network IP/MPLS, geographically distributed VPN and interaction links PE-CE, the totality of which forms MPLS/VPN network architecture. Combination of the decomposition and tensor methods of research enabled us to calculate for each network object the desired quality characteristics: packet delay and packet queue length, which allowed use of obtained data for the original network. Considered an example of obtaining the delay time and the packet queues length for whole network MPLS/VPN and for each object separately. Input data and results of quality characteristics of MPLS/VPN network calculation have been presented in the form of block matrices, that allows obtain the results simultaneously for all virtual subnets.
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