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Title: Genertion UWB signal at energization of a helical antenna hige-current reb
Authors: Chumakov, V. I.
Balakirev, V. A.
Gorban, A. M.
Egorov, A. M.
Kantemirov, A. V.
Lonin, Yu. F.
Issue Date: 2006
Series/Report no.: PROBLEMS OF ATOMIC SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY. 2006. No 2. Series: Nuclear Physics Investigations (46), p. 8 5- 8 7;
Abstract: In operation the possibility of generation of UWB signal was researched at excitement of a helical antenna by a high-current relativistic bundle of nanosecond duration. The experiments were conducted on a high-current relativistic accelerator REB "Темр-А" with parameters: Eb ~ 0,5 .1,0 МeV, Ib ~ 5 -10 кА, duration of a ~15nс., at the value of a leading edge ~ 1...2 nс. The calculation data of a helical antenna and parameters of a generated UWB signal are reduced
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